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Saturday, February 11, 2012


 Obama has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle over his mandate that religious based organizations must offer contraception, including the morning after abortion pill, to all of its employees FREE of charge with no co-pay.  The Catholic Church and other religious leaders quickly pounced and said No, No, this is against our First Amendment Freedom of Religion rights.  And while I agree with them, I see it as something even more wicked.

 I believe the contraception broo haha is about the power of the federal government.  It’s about Obama’s fuzzy interpretation of the U. S. Constitution, that pesky little document that he likes to ignore.  Nowhere does it say the President of the U.S. has the authority to tell anyone, insurance companies, churches, religious hospitals, or anyone else, that they MUST provide FREE contraception to ALL women, including the morning-after abortion pill. Nothing gives Obama the power to mandate abortion on demand and then make us pay for it.  Where in the Constitution does it say the government has that power? Oh, yeah, I forgot, it’s not in the Constitution, silly me, it’s in Obamacare.  That’s Nancy Pelosi’s you’ve-got-to-pass-it-to-find-out-what’s-in-it bill.  That’s the bill that was negotiated in back rooms in the middle of the night, the one where senators and congressmen were paid for their vote with pork projects, the one that wasn’t written, that nobody read, and now is being created by highly paid Obamawonks just for us.  Aren’t we lucky?   

 But wait, if Obamacare can mandate that ALL women get so-called FREE contraception and abortion services, what’s to prevent Obamacare from mandating that if you are over, say 70, and you get certain hard to treat illnesses, you won't get treatment? Oh, you think that won’t happen?  Well, I believe that if we relinquish the contraception/abortion issue to the government, their drunk-with-power position will only get worse. I don't want to live to 70-75 and be denied medical treatment because Obamacare bureaucrats decided I shouldn't have it.  If you don't think it will come to that you are living in Candy Land.  

Obamacare has to get the money from somewhere to cover 40 million uninsured. Obamacare reduces Medicare payments to providers by $500 billion to pay for the mandate that come hell or high water, everyone will be insured. The health of the elderly will be sacrificed for the health of the young. After all, the young have way more to contribute to society than the old. It's a simple matter of dollars. The country is broke.  We can’t afford to insure the young and keep the old healthy too.

 So now Obama says, “Wow, I really stepped into doo doo, so I will change my mind.  Religious institutions won't have to provide free birth control and the morning-after abortion pill, but their insurance companies will have to - at NO CHARGE.” Is he really that stupid? Does he think the insurance companies are going to eat the cost? We will all pay for this lunacy through higher premiums. Also, many of the religious organizations are self-insured. So whether the religious organization pays for it or their self-insured company pays for it, it's the same thing.

But just wait, you have to watch what he does compared to what he says.  If, God forbid, he somehow gets re-elected in 2012, you can bet he’ll change his mind and go back to his original position of mandating that religious institutions provide these services.  I have no trust in anything that comes out of His Lordship's mouth. His flip-flop yesterday is a pure political move designed to calm the Masses and get him votes in November. After that it's all fair game again.  Maybe, just maybe, the Supreme Court will toss Obamacare to the dogs – exactly where it belongs.   

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