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Monday, August 15, 2011


Mr. Obama seems to be unable to tell the truth. He is on a "bus tour" that he claims is not a campaign tour. C'mon, Mr. O., the American people are not as stupid as you'd like to think we are. You are touring four "battleground" Midwest states, "swing states" that you know are independent and could vote either way in 2012. But nothing new here. USA Today reported on July 17 that half of the travels Mr. O. made to 40 states in the last 2.5 years were to "swing states." These states will likely determine the winner of the presidential race in 2012. Mr. O stated today in one of his non-campaign campaign speeches, "I know it's not election season yet, but..." That sure sounds like campaigning to me.

Who does he blame for the current U.S. economy and the S & P downgrade of our credit rating? Well, he blamed the Japan earthquake, he blamed the Arab Spring unrest, he blamed the Republicans for acting badly, and he blamed a host of other things. He didn't, however, point the finger back at His Highness, where the finger pointing truly belongs.

Policies in place for incumbent presidents running for re-election are based on legal opinions from the DOJ and FEC which say that "taxpayers should cover the cost of official presidential travel, while travel relating to the campaign will be reimbursed to the government through campaign funds." There's plenty of campaign money already in Obama's coffers. He shouldn't get away with sucking up taxpayer funds that taxpayers don't have. Remember our 9.2% unemployment rate, our miserable economic growth, gyrating financial markets, our credit down grade, our HUGE national debt? But Mr. O. sees nothing wrong with stealing public money for campaigning, and Chicago politics prevail again.

Did he have any new ideas in his speeches today? Well, he trumpeted more spending on "infrastructure" to put people back to work. Something like his "shovel ready jobs" he promoted in 2008. But wait, I seem to recall his stating recently that the 2008 "shovel ready jobs weren't as shovel ready as we thought." New idea? No, just more of the same old tax and spend.

You will probably see him as he enters and exits the shiny new buses he and his entourage are traveling in. Do you know what they cost? $1.1 million dollars EACH. They were newly purchased by the Secret Service for the purpose of "busing" the president around on his non-campaign bus tour. I can hardly wait until the total cost of his "meeting with Americans" trip is tallied, that we will collectively pay for: hotels, food, transportation, gasoline for 150 vehicles, choppers, security at approximately $1 million per day, and a myriad of other costs. He has no remorse or shame.

It appears to me that he is always campaigning and never governing. He promises great unity (remember, he said he would unite the country), but he promotes partisanship by blaming everyone and everything for his failures.

What's he going to do when he returns to Washington? The Obama family will be leaving for a 10 day vacation to Martha's Vineyard. Well, thank God it's not some foreign country which would cost us more millions. But I, for one, am sick of paying for his four year vacation. But on the other hand, maybe it's good that's he's not in Washington doing yet more damage.


  1. I am feeling more and more that Obama has NEVER been running our nation; that he is a puppet for a group of progressives who make decisions while he fritters away his time compaigning and vacationing and....helping Michelle in the garden!! (HA)

  2. Wow, this blog just gets better and better each day. First off, lets remember when George Bush came to town and he had the same type of "entourage" buses, security escorts, helicopters not to mention the disruption to our local police and sheriff offices. All presidents must be assured security while moving around the country, you apparently are just unhappy because the one african american and liberal president who you've seen isn't flying solo ready for you and the Tea Party to strike at a moments notice. And what about members of congress who have just gone on break? Oh man, we sat around and shot the shit until the brink of default then decided on a deal, better go back home and do nothing for a couple of weeks- sounds like Paul Ryan to me. Him, Reince Priebus and Scott Walker must be hiding away carefully formulating their talking points. Oh and since you're always talking about how your rich overloads create jobs and power the economy, why don't you listen to one? Warren Buffet says he could, and did pay more taxes, and that it doesn't hurt investment since America (and the taxes he pays) is what secures his investment. I know its from the New York Times but maybe you could read something other than or watch Fox News and who knows? Maybe you'll learn something.

  3. Show me where Bush had two million-dollar buses made so he could campaign on the taxpayer's dime, while hoarding millions of dollars in campaign funds. And I agree with you, woo hoo! We have something we agree on! They should NOT have gone home. Obama SHOULD call them back immediately to work on reducing our debt. But instead he too is going to vacation for 10 days. Hopefully the time away from Washington won't be a total waste for those who will be holding Town Hall meetings. At least they might learn something from their constituents. I believe the S & P downgrade came because the so called "deal" did practically nothing to solve our debt problem. It was sold by claiming there will be 2.5 trillion in decreased spending over 10 years. But that's 2.5 trillion of the baseline increase of 7-8% every year. All it means is that instead on increasing spending 7-8% each year, it will increase 6-7% each year. Are you happy with this smoke and mirrors scenario? I'm not.

  4. Just checked it out. Buffet didn't pay more taxes. He says the rich should pay more, but he has not responded to the challenge to send in a check if he wants to pay more taxes. Talk is cheap. Action is something different. And he hasn't acted.

  5. Boom! Check that out, these were purchased not only for the President, Vice President and first and second families but also for the eventual Republican Candidate as they will require the same level of security and communication needs. These buses will save hundreds of thousands of dollars on the low end, if not millions when compared to the 31 years of leasing and specially outfitting buses. Also, it keeps all specifications for technological and physical security within the Secret Service meaning theres a smaller chance of somebody untrustworthy coming in contact with trusted information. This is a necessary expense taken on by the secret service, not Barack Obama or the administration and Obama is hoarding no more campaign funds than Rick Perry or Michelle Bachman or even Sarah Palin and her PAC. You make it seem like the secret service is some extraneous and unnecessary burden upon us while it keeps our elected, and prospective, elected officials- along with our money- safe. Are you so anti- Government you'd like to see those legally elected, and the legitimacy of our cash, become open targets?

  6. I believe Bachmann's campaign is paying for her "campaign" trips. I believe Perry's campaign is paying for his "campaign" trips. Palin is not an elected official and can spend funds any way she wants to. The point I am making is Mr. O says this is not a campaign trip. Baloney. I will check out the link you provided. Thanks for the info.