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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The Left Wing Blogosphere is going crazy with the claim that Paul Ryan and other Republicans are charging, yes, "charging," constituents to ask them a question. And the charge is all of somewhere between $5-$15. That is the "charge" to attend a FUNDRAISER! Ryan and others are not holding TOWN HALL MEETINGS. Not really hard to understand the difference. A FUNDRAISER raises funds. The organizers charge enough to cover the hall and the expenses of holding the FUNDRAISER, with something left over for the candidate. They are not the same thing as a Town Hall Meeting. Get it?? Hope the concept is not beyond your capacity to "Get It."

Let me say to the Left Wing Radicals who have adopted this mantra and taken up this cause, "Wise up, people. Ryan has every right to get paid $15 an entry at an OFFICIAL FUNDRAISING EVENT. He needs to raise campaign cash just like all candidates. After all, your guy, Mr. I’m-Killing-America-Obama, charged $35,000 a PLATE at a fundraiser in Chicago, and charged something like $40,000 for ONE entry into a fundraiser held in our White House. And he's just come off of a “Campaign-Bus-Tour-That-Is-Not-Really-A-Campaign-Tour” where he raised lots of money while we paid for the trip. And he toured on 2 buses, purchased from a CANADIAN company, to the tune of 1.1 million dollars EACH. What’s Your Guy’s favorite mantra? “I am going to focus on creating jobs.” Yeah, sure. That’s why his administration purchased his wheels from a Canadian Co. And no, it’s not an American company with a division in Canada. You really need to get your facts straight before you shoot from the hip – or is it shooting from the mouth?"

There, I've told the Left what I think.

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