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Sunday, March 4, 2012


A Georgetown co-ed named Sandra Fluke appeared before a Nancy Pelosi hearing and testified that the women at her law school are having so much sex that they are going broke paying for contraceptives. The purpose of her testimony? To convince Ms. Pelosi’s hearing that you and I should pay for her to participate in her extra-curricular activities. No kidding, this is what she said.

She believes every health insurance plan should be required to fully cover the cost of all contraception and abortion inducing products. She said it’s too expensive to have sex in law school without forced insurance coverage. It’s hard to make ends meet when they have to pay for it themselves.

She said that it costs a Georgetown female law student $3,000 for pill contraception over the 3 years it takes to get a law degree. Well, now, let’s see, at $3,000 for 3 years, that’s $1,000 per year. If these poor coeds were purchasing condoms, that’d be almost 84 condoms used per month, 21 condoms used per week, or 3 condoms used per day, every day for 3 years. Good grief, they’d be busy. Wonder when they’d have time to study law?

But nooooo, condoms are a no-no to the super-elite at Georgetown, which, by the way, being a very private college, costs around $60,000 per year to attend. Ah, I almost forgot, Georgetown is a Catholic university where you might expect that women attending would be more inclined to forego or limit casual, unmarried sex, but that appears not to be so.

Ms. Fluke states that for many female Georgetown students $3,000 is an entire summer’s salary. I say good for them, they are able to earn enough in just one summer to pay for three years of sex. That’s taking care of business, if you ask me.

But the whole point of Ms. Fluke’s testimony was to convince the “hearing panel” that tax payers should pay for her sexploitations. She wants us to pay for her covert activities through increased insurance premiums that will be charged if insurance companies have to provide it free, no co-pay.

And then there’s Ms. Sebelius, HHS Secretary, the woman who Obama put in charge of “drafting” the Obamacare bill so we could “see what’s in it,” as Pelosi stated. Sebelius testified this week that the “contraceptive mandate won’t cost taxpayers anything because there will be fewer people to insure.” This is one of those “Did-she-really-say-that?” moments. She did, she did, she said government mandated contraception will mean fewer births, which will mean there will be fewer people to insure, and therefore, insurance costs won’t go up.

Good God, these people are running the country.

Now why would this all be such a big deal now? Well, remember a few weeks ago when Obama announced the mandate that all religious institutions have to cover contraception and the morning-after pill? And after the outrage by the Catholics, Obama revised his mandate and said, Well, you won’t have to provide it, but your insurance companies will have to.

And now we have Pelosi dragging Ms. Fluke before Congress to bear witness to the hardship we are causing her because we don’t want to pay for her and her sexpot friends to skip the studying and get to the goodies.

And this has all come about because Obama is losing, very rapidly, I might add, the female vote in America. He had to do something to win them back, and he decided to give them free sex, compliments of us. No personal responsibility, no remorse, let it all hang out, the Fairy Godmother taxpayer will pick up the tab.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.  Ms. Fluke researched Georgetown before enrolling at GT because she wanted to attend a college that DIDN'T provide contraception coverage. Her stated goal was to force the college to change their policy to satisfy her wishes. She's a contraception revolutionary forcing the will of the few on the rights of the many.

Here’s Ms. Fluke’s pertinent testimony.

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