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Monday, October 11, 2010


Obama's hyper-attack on the U. S. Chamber of Commerce underscores the routine bull-dog actions his administration has become known for. He accuses the Chamber of using foreign money to influence this election. Is this man kidding?

Where does he think campaign contributions came from for his 2008 run for president? There were reports throughout the campaign that illegal money was flowing into his coffers from foreigners. His on line campaign contribution system routinely accepted money from people like Mickey Mouse and others that were obviously illegal. Any of these could have come from a foreigner, and Obama's response when asked about it? It was too much work and time to monitor where all of the contributions came from.

Now he's got the gall to question where campaign donations are coming from? He truly is the biggest jokester who ever occupied the White House.

Obama's current bogus smear attempt is deeply hypocritical. His buddy, George Soros, solicits money from foreign companies and then donates it to Democrats. But that's a Dem giving money to a Dem, so it must be okay. And if Obama were really serious he'd investigate SEIU, a knock-em-dead pro-Obama union that admitted in 2008 that it had a means to accept funds from "foreign nationals" allowing them to have a voice in American politics. But Obama couldn't raise a stink about that because Obama and the Democrats helped SEIU create the avenue to accept foreign money.

Foreign-money claims coming from Obama are not about campaigning. They are about creating a narrative of defeat for the Democrat base so that when they get clobbered in November the Dems can blame it on the stinking rich and evil foreigners instead of admitting that they elected an empty head and then proceeded to push a wildly unpopular agenda over the loud and noisy voice of the majority of Americans.

Obama anticipates the GOP will win control of the House and possibly the Senate in November, and the GOP will commence investigations of the Obama campaign's many wrong doings, including fraudulent campaign funds. Obama is getting ready to say, "everybody does it."

He should shut up about this subject. It makes him look like the fool that he is. His attacks are as weak as his party's poll numbers.

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