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Friday, October 29, 2010


Following up my post of 10/26, here is more information about Ron Kind, 3rd Congressional District incumbent, apparently selling his services to constituents. Kind was asked about this in a debate and he denied it. But think about it. Would highly respected doctors sign affidavits and make these claims if it didn't really happen? Would they risk their reputations and future relationship with Kind if it didn't happen? If Kind stays in Washington he could wield intensely vindictive power, and their assertions would most certainly come back to haunt the good doctors, their clinic and their hospital.

As to why the doctors didn't come forward in 2007? My theory is fear of reprisal from Kind and his Washington cronies.

There could be more claims coming from other groups who experienced the same extortion tactics. Stay tuned to your news outlet.

But read these articles to the end. Kind has other problems. He has an ethics issue regarding a group called the New Democrats, which Kind is a vice-chair of. The group holds meetings with lobbyists for various businesses and then hits them up for donations to the New Democrat's PAC. Sounds like pay-to-play politics, doesn't it? Hopefully enough voters will see this for what it is and fire Ron Kind on Nov. 2.

CLICK HERE for ProPublica article
CLICK HERE for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel On Line article

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