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Saturday, October 23, 2010


NPR (National Public Radio), a tax payer backed media outlet, has finally shown their true colors when they FIRED Juan Williams, a 10-year NPR news employee, because he went on Bill O'Reilly and told the truth. That truth is that when he gets on a plane and there are Muslims dressed in Muslim garb he becomes a little uncomfortable. He only said what millions of Americans feel. But of course, that's not the Politically Correct thing to say. Are you not sick to death of Political Correctness??

And wham, bam, the hammer came down on Juan. But the real truth is that billionaire George Soros, Obama's checkbook, as far left a progressive liberal as anyone can be, last week donated $1.8 million to NPR. And this week Juan gets axed. Anyone see the collusion? Juan appears on Fox News as a liberal news pundit. Therefore, NPR said bye, bye, Juan.

And the US taxpayer also gives money to NPR, many, many millions, to fund their far left liberal radio stations. The Republicans have many times over the years introduced bills in Congress to "DEFUND" NPR and other taxpayer supported media, like the National Endowment For The Arts. They have consistently been shot down by the Democrats. Let's hope that this time they are successful. With a looming multi-trillion deficit we cannot afford to spend money on anything other than absolute necessities, and NPR doesn't qualify.

Watch Juan Williams' actual words and then decide for yourself.

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