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Sunday, October 3, 2010


It's 2003 and the U.S. invades Iraq and ousts Saddam Hussein. A heinous madman has been deposed, and Iraqis have a chance at freedom. Thanks to the U.S. and our military.

So what has this war cost us? Well, Folks, these are the facts.

Since 2003 the U.S. has infused more than half a trillion dollars into Iraq.

From 2004-2009 Iraq amassed a surplus of $52.1 billion, with over 92% of its revenues coming from oil exports, some of which WE import and pay Iraq for. During that same period overall U.S. debt soared as we ran huge deficits in every one of those years.

The U.S. has spent $624 billion in Iraq helping the Iraqis set up a democratic government. Sounds humanitarian, doesn't it? And wouldn't you think that since Iraq has a huge budget surplus they'd be PAYING us for our help? Or at least providing us with oil free of charge?

But not so. On July 29 the U. S. Congress approved an additional $1 billion in "emergency" aid to the Iraqi government, and Obama is seeking yet another $2 billion in his fiscal 2011 budget, as reported by CNS News.

Our Government Accountability Office (GAO) has disclosed that the Iraqi government holds as much as $32.2 billion in cash on deposit at banks and financial institutions. The GAO stated in its audit report that "Congress should consider Iraq's available financial resources when it reviews the administration's fiscal 2011 budget request and future budget requests for additional funds to train and equip Iraqi security forces."

That sure makes sense, doesn't it? They have the money so why can't they COVER OUR COSTS or even PAY US TO BE THERE? Or send us home? Instead we are supporting billionaires while we are going bankrupt.

According to the CBO, the U. S. budget deficit exceeded $1.3 trillion for fiscal 2010, the second greatest deficit as a percent of GDP since WWII. The greatest deficit ever? 2009's $1.4 trillion.

Whether you believe we should have gone to Iraq or not, Obama's election promise was to end the war in Iraq and stop the bleeding of our resources. So far all he's done is ask for MORE money, and he's changed the verbiage of our mission there, going from "military mission" to "non-combat mission." But ask troops who are still there if their "mission" has changed.

Obama must think Americans are thick minded. That's a mistake he will regret in November.

And just so you know, I gripped at Bush about this situation also. Bush did the same thing, continued to spend money in Iraq while they gathered up a huge surplus. Both administrations are at fault. But Obama SAID he'd end it, and he hasn't. Bush never promised to end it.

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