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Saturday, October 2, 2010


Remember when Obama stated that he personally wanted a single payer health care system but would have to get it gradually? Well, he wasn't lying. The latest donnybrook started when Janet Ademy, WSJ reporter, this week reported that McDonalds may be forced to cancel its current coverage for 29,500 employees as a result of ObamaCare. McDonalds says new mandates will make its mini-med plans "economically prohibitive."

Mini-med plans are low-cost, low-benefit plans that cover 2.5 million consumers nationwide, mostly in low-wage industries like fast food, retail, and hospitality, where 75% of workers turn over every year and the average age is 25.

DemoBrats despise mini-med plans, believing they "under-insure" the participants, and new you-must-do-it mandates within Obamacare are designed to run them out of business by dictating benefits, eliminating coverage caps and establishing "rules" about how premiums must be spent.

Don't be fooled by the continuing propaganda from the White House about "if you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance." They never intended for you to "keep your insurance."

The forced choice is between relatively affordable coverage that the DemoBrats don't like or dumping coverage entirely. Connecticut, Tennessee and Arkansas offer their own mini-med plans for state residents, and they too will be forced to cancel the plans.

Subsidized Obamacare options won't be available until 2014, but those costs will simply fall on the taxpayers. As if WE can afford more spending.

Read this carefully, People. The daily damage we are seeing as the guts of Obamacare are revealed is not unintended. It was premeditated. They just didn't tell you the truth.

Oh, I almost forgot, most of those who voted for it claim they didn't read it.

November Liberation is only 30 days away.
Hopefully then we can stop the madness -- or at least slow it down.

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