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Monday, March 26, 2012



It’s all over the news today, the case of George Zimmerman, a self-styled neighborhood watchman, who shot Trayvon Martin, a Florida teenager. Zimmerman was patrolling his
Sanford neighborhood and observed Martin. Zimmerman’s story is that he approached martin, asked him a question, and then he returned to his SUV when he was attacked from behind by Martin. He says Martin decked him with a single punch, repeatedly smashed his head on the ground and tried to take Zimmerman’s gun. That’s when Zimmerman shot Martin. According to the police report Zimmerman’s back was wet and covered with grass “as if he had been laying on his back on the ground.” The report indicates Zimmerman was bleeding from the nose and the back of his head. Zimmerman says he was yelling for help but no one would help him. Now a witness has come forward who corroborates Zimmerman’s version of the event. Zimmerman has not been arrested pending a full investigation.

In the meantime, the police chief has been threatened and has been forced to resign. Governor Jeb Bush is being blamed because he signed Florida's Stand Your Ground Law. Obama weighed in saying "It's a time of soul searching for all of us" and stating "My son would look like Trayvon Martin." What the heck does that mean?

Every minority group in this country is calling for the arrest of Zimmerman, and some are calling for his death. Spike Lee has retweeted Zimmerman's home address, and Zimmerman has been forced to flee his home. The Black Panthers have put out a call to collect a million dollar bounty for Zimmerman. Activists Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, NAACP's Ben Jealous, Baltimore Raven's Ray Lewis and basketball legend Patrick Ewing have jumped on the arrest-Zimmerman bandwagon, and politicians are demanding "justice" for Trayvon.

The police are looking at the events, and this will surely go to a Grand Jury to determine if a crime was committed. But even if Zimmerman is found to have acted in self defense, he has already been convicted in a public venue. His life is shot. He won’t be able to return home. He’s a “racist.”


A white boy sits in a classroom in a predominantly black school. Karla Dorsey, a black teacher, asks a question about Black History Month. When Allen, the white boy, attempts to answer it the teacher tells him, “What would you know about it? You’re not our race.” Ashley, a white female student, attends the same school. Ashley and Allen are the only two white students in the classroom. Ashley has been subjected to racial harassment, has been called names, has been subjected to sexual comments and inappropriate sexual touching while the black teacher looked on and laughed.

The class had to watch race-baiting videos during which an onus was placed on the white students. The videos consisted of explicit films involving portrayals of whites lynching blacks and the teacher telling the class that all white people are responsible because their skin is white. Ashley has stated that she witnessed Allen being “called every racial slur you can imagine,” such as “honkey, cracker, whitey, and guero (a Spanish derogatory term). Ashley reports that she saw Allen pushed into lockers and jumped and slapped around in the bathrooms. He was menaced by groups that would follow him home.

Even worse is that multiple educators were complicit in the harassment. A teacher named Kinder called Allen “Casper” and then “got all the students to get involved.” Ashley says that other times students would initiate the harassment and the teachers would pick up the baton, teasing Allen, making fun of him.

And this brings us to why this is STORY 2.

Last week two black students followed Allen home, threw gas on him and then flicked the Bic, starting Allen on fire saying, “This is what you deserve. You got what you deserve, white boy.” A racial attack? Not much question about that, but where’s the press? Where’s the ACLU, where’s Spike Lee, where are the Black Panthers and the Politicians? Where are the mouthy black activists, the sports stars? And where is Mr. Barack Obama? Why doesn’t Allen deserve some presidential support? Maybe because Allen is White?

This Kansas City school has been teaching Hate 101 and has been getting away with it. Allen’s mother repeatedly complained to the school’s administration about her son’s harassment only to be ignored and stonewalled. She also complained to Kansas City law enforcement but got the feeling they did not want to prosecute two black youths on a hate-crime charge for fear of creating a “powder keg.” So how does that work when the police are afraid of the public? It doesn't.

What other recourse does Allen’s mom have? Well, she could file a complaint with the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division. This is certainly a Civil Rights violation. But wait, Eric Holder. Well, forget that one.

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