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Friday, March 9, 2012


The truth came out today. The Sandra Fluke controversy is nothing more than a White House manufactured issue to divert attention from Obama’s attempt to dictate that religious
organizations must cover contraception and abortion services in their insurance
plans. What a subterfuge, because the “Obama Mandate” applies to all insurance coverage, all policies, all insureds, all employers, all Americans, not just religious organizations. That fact has gotten lost in the scuffle. It’s not about contraceptives. It’s all about power.

But here’s the real question. Who is “handling” Sandra Fluke? Why did she suddenly appear on the scene as the champion of women victims of contraception discrimination? Who is paying for this poor Georgetown college student (who can’t afford to pay for her own birth control pills) to jet around the country appearing here, there and everywhere? You can bet it isn’t
Fluke! Remember, she has no money. So far she’s appeared on 8 Main Stream news programs, unchallenged in her assertions that she is a victim because she has to pay for her own pleasures.

And now the truth is revealed. Fluke is being represented by a PR agency called SKDKnickerbocker. The managing editor of SKDK is Anita Dunn, the former Obama communications director. So this whole fiasco comes back to the White House. Surprise, surprise!

This is what is now known to be fact. Fluke is the head of a group called
Georgetown Law Students for Reproductive Justice. On Feb 9 a group called the Feminist Majority Foundation arranged for Fluke to appear at a press conference so that she could
publicly criticize the Catholic Bishops who have come out so vocally against the Obama contraception mandate.

Shortly after that staged action, Congressman Elijah Cummings (D) asked Fluke to testify in front of a House Oversight Committee hearing. The purpose of the hearing was to hear testimony on the separation of church and state and health care. The hearing was not about the Obama contraceptive mandate. Darrell Issa, Chairman of the Committee, refused to let Fluke testify because she had no expertise in church and state issues. But Fluke attended anyway. After the hearing Fluke whined and bellyached to ABC News that she had not been allowed to testify.

A week later Pelosi staged a pseudo hearing starring guess who? Right, Ms. Fluke. Then Rush Limbaugh made his inappropriate comments elevating Fluke and Contraceptives to Liberal Loon Notoriety. And the press was off and running.

It’s no accident that Fluke is being trotted out as a victim. Obama’s approval rating among
women was way, way down, and his attempt to force Catholics to comply with The
King’s rules backfired. He had to do something, and Fluke is his willing pawn.

It’s no accident that Cummings, Pelosi and Dunn put her front and center as their Mouthpiece on the contraception issue. Want more proof? The Community Organizer in Chief personally called Fluke to give her a “phone huggie” and make her feel better. Want even more
proof? Fluke is telling her audiences to head on over to Media Matters for the real truth. That’s how laughable she is.

The average first year salary of a Georgetown graduate is $160,000 per year. Ms. Fluke wants us to believe she is a “victim” because she’s attending GT and is not getting free
contraception paid for by us. She’s a great example of the “gimme-gimme” mentality.
There are hundreds of thousands of women going through college, working 2 and 3 jobs so they can pay their own bills. They are not begging, whining, demanding or blabbing at press
conferences. They are too busy trying to get through school, scared that when they get out they won’t even be able to find a job, thanks to Obama, much less contraception coverage.

But I have great faith in American women. I believe they will see past this Obama staged
production. I believe women will not sacrifice another freedom for a bunch of free stuff from the government. I believe women know full well that if Obama’s contraceptive mandate becomes law he will eventually “mandate” every aspect of their lives. I believe women know this is just another power grab in Obama’s relentless power-grab-goodie-bag. I believe American women know our Constitution is dying every single day at the hands of Obama and his Constitution Killing Machine. I believe they will not fall for this and will send him back to Chicago in November.

As for Ms. Fluke? Bet she’ll have a job with the Obama White House in 3, 2, 1…..

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