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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Skip it, Friends, don’t try to find the story I posted about yesterday. Malia Obama either never went to Mexico, has left Mexico quickly, or the White House has muzzled the press about Malia’s trip to a country that Barry says no American should visit because it’s too dangerous.

If you go to the original sites that linked to this story, i.e., the “Telegraph,” “Huffington
Post,” “Yahoo News,” “The Australian,” the “Free Republic,” “Global Grind,” you
will find nothing, nada, zip, zero.

The White House admitted to telling news agencies to pull stories on Malia Obama visiting Mexico for spring break. Politico reports that Kristina Schake, Communications Director to Michelle Obama, emailed news outlets asking them not to report on or photograph the Obama children when there is no vital news interest. Surprise, surprise, they all yanked their coverage.

Now I agree that if there is no vital news interest the Obama kids should generally be off limits. But when they travel with 12 friends and 25 Secret Service bodyguards, to a place our Government tells us isn’t safe for us to visit, and the trip is paid for by the U. S. taxpayer, then it becomes our business.

Funny, isn’t it, that Barack wants his children off limits and out of the limelight unless it fits his purpose, and then he trots them out to make a political point. Remember his reference
to his daughters when Obama attempted to make Rush Limbaugh look bad by calling
Sandra Fluke to commend her for her enlightened stance on demanding free birth
control and abortion pills? Must be okay to use the kiddies as props when Daddy decides he needs to increase his poll numbers, but the rest of the time it’s leave my kids alone.

A few questions from The Right Side. How many of you would let your 13 year old
daughter travel in Mexico without going with her? Or better yet, how many of you would travel
to Mexico at all, with all of the drugs and guns from Operation Fast and
Furious that Malia’s Daddy and the DOJ let walk across the Border?

And if something went wrong, God forbid, and the bad guys got through the Bodyguards, who would Obama blame? Probably George Bush.

1 comment:

  1. This supposedly is a "class trip" - so, Barry and Michelle aren't the only clueless parents who let their children go to Mexico where it is mostly unsafe for all Americans...where are their brains and common sense. Secret Service at our expense?
    Pleeease - Really?