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Monday, March 19, 2012


The State Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety warn Americans that we should not travel to Mexico, just about anywhere in the country. It's too dangerous, too many guns, drugs, random killings. BEWARE! Travel at your own risk.
Unless you are Malia Obama and 12 of her best friends and you are escorted by 25 Secret Service agents as bodyguards. Malia landed in Oaxaca on Saturday and was escorted to their hotel in bulletproof SUVs.
The Secret Service is being helped by Mexican police who have stated that they are there to "block access to the hotel by other people and escort the vehicles that are carrying the visitors."
I thought the Mexican police were mostly corrupt and couldn't be trusted?
While Malia and her friends safely enjoy themselves in a very dangerous country, Americans are staying home for spring break. They can't afford to put gas in their vehicles to travel to the grocery store, much less fly to Sunny, Deadly Mexico. How much do you think it cost to send Malia, 12 friends and 25 Secret Service members, and who knows who else tagged along, to Mexico? I'll bet the U. S. taxpayer is footing the bill. Maybe she's campaigning for her Papa? We are footing the bill for his entire campaign, what's one more trip to the Danger Zone?

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