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Monday, March 26, 2012


The Obama Administration sold the stimulus bill on the premise that it would direct money to economically stagnant industries and create millions of jobs. Obama’s Department of Commerce then awarded $28 million to a company called One Economy Corp. One Economy Corp. then awarded $1.5 million to a company owned by actor-director Robert Townsend.

The purpose of these awards, both big and small, was to “help boost broadband Internet in under served areas across the country.” Well, isn’t that an admirable goal. Every American is entitled to have Internet service, according to Obama.

What did we get for giving away our money? An online soap opera called “Diary of a
Single Mom,” co-starring Billy Dee Williams and produced by Robert Townsend. And how
many jobs were “created or saved” for our $28.5 million? 142.47, according to
Dept. of Commerce grant reports. That’s $200,042 per job. And they are not even long term, permanent jobs. The jobs include field supervisors, sales reps, program managers, numerous production related positions, producers, cast members, casting director, and an executive assistant to Mr. Townsend. But if "Diary" goes the way of most other government projects, this single mom will soon find herself without a gig, all "created" jobs will be lost, and millions of our dollars will sink into the black hole known as Washington.

Do you think when the dimwits in Congress voted to approve this let's-give-the-whole-country broadband program they expected the money to be spent on infrastructure or to be spent on content? Surely the didn't intend $1.4 million to go to Billy Dee Williams or Robert Townsend. They aren't exactly what you call struggling artists.

Now I ask you, Folks, wouldn’t you rather see the government spend this money on Veterans’ benefits, or to save Medicare or Social Security, or pay for Food Stamps, or gosh, maybe to decrease our national debt? Remember, 40 cents of every one of those $28.5 million are borrowed from China or other countries. That's 11,400,000 borrowed dollars that have to be paid back when China cashes in. That's a lot of ca-ching for our kids to be responsible for.

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