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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Ah, the refreshing words of a true American who objects to being officially assaulted by the TSA. The "junk" reference was stated by a gentleman at a US airport who refused the full body scan because he didn't want "someone to see me naked." He was told okay, then you will get a full body pat down. The procedure was explained to him, and when the TSA groper said "I go up and down your hips and groin twice," the guy expressed his displeasure: "Okay," he said, "but don't touch my junk or I will have you arrested."

At that point TSA management was called. The gentleman was given a choice. Submit to the TSA caress or don't fly. He chose not to fly and left the airport. The airline refunded his ticket in full. But now he's being threatened with an $11,000 fine, which is ALLOWED AND LEGAL under national security rules. If you don't believe it Google it.

Does anyone else think this is "third world?" Israel doesn't do this, and they are on terrorist alert 24 hours of every day. They -- oh my gosh, the politically incorrect word -- racial profile! And it works for them. But thanks to the far left PC crowd, that's not allowed.

What makes more sense? Pat down a 3 year old child, a gray haired grandmother, a family of 6, or a 20 year old Muslim traveling to or from Yemen or Saudi Arabia, or any other country that breeds terrorists? Look at this video of a child being physically searched. Would you like it to be your child? Do you think a child going through this would ever want to go to an airport again?

Now do you want to hear what the "don't touch my junk" passenger said?

Want to know which third-world bureaucrat approved of this? Obama and his travel czar, Janet Napolitano. And today Janet dropped the big hint. Muslim women wearing head scarves may become exempt from full body scans and/or full body pat downs. This is after a major Muslim group complained to the Obama about the action being instrusive. Janet says changes to the policy are being considered. Wanna bet how this plays out?

For me? I will travel by car, train, bus or anything but a plane.

And you really want to know how "safe" your full body scan is from public viewing? Last year the TSA "accidentally" posted its 93-page manual on airport screening procedures online. Makes me real confident that they can keep body scans private, huh?

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