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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Remember Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn? Obama's neighbors and friends who held one of Obama's first presidential fund raisers at their house? And then Obama claimed he had no relationship with them? They were merely acquaintances? Yeah, right. Just another Obama lie.

Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn were leaders of the Weather Underground in the 70's and were tied to so many horrific acts of violence that Bernardine was placed on the FBI's Top 10 Most Wanted List and was described by the FBI as "the most dangerous woman in America." The Ayers, who were not married at the time, are responsible for multiple acts of violence including bombing the U.S. Capital, the Pentagon, police stations, police cars, Army bases, and other targets, 30 bombings over 11 years. At least one police officer was killed in a car bomb set by Ayers/Dohrn. The FBI labeled them "terrorists."

Ayers was charged with his crimes but got off on a technicality and today he teaches at a public university. That's real justice, don't you think? Being rewarded with a high paying public job after killing a police officer?

Neither Ayers nor Dohrn have ever apologized and have steadfastly claimed they "don't regret setting bombs." They "feel we didn't do enough," and Dohrn today brags about being a "radical activist grandmother."

Now Dohrn has the audacity to accuse the Tea Party voters of being "terrorists." She says she's concerned about a new breed of protesters, the Tea Party people. She describes us as "a hard right emerging, an armed, new hard right with massive control of media." "It's racist, it's armed, it's hostile, it's unspeakable," she says. "White people armed, demanding an end to this president - it's very crazy-producing."

But Bernardine says accusations about her terrorist activities are "built on a complete lie."

Well, Bernardine, FBI records don't lie. You and Billy The Bomber did exactly what FBI records say you did. You both belong in The Big House.

But you have a FRIEND in the White House. The proof? Last year law officers in San Francisco signed a letter accusing you and Billie Bob of being directly behind the 1970 bombing that killed a police officer, but the Obama Justice Department has buried the letter and refused to investigate any evidence put forth by San Francisco law officers. Must be comforting to have friends in high places, huh, Bernardine? Lucky You! Oh, I almost forgot, Obama says he hardly knows either of you. Don't you feel a little slighted after all you did to put him in the White House?

So Who's Calling Whom A Terrorist? We are peacefully taking back our country. You and your Bomber Buddy blew up and murdered people. YOU ARE THE TERRORISTS, bomb setters who got away with murder. The Tea Party voters are the future of this great country - not you and your radical pals, the worst of whom is currently occupying the White House.

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