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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The White House is showing its true stripes yet again. This week the Interior Department's Inspector General (that's the legal overseer of the Interior Department) accuses the White House of "EDITING" a drilling safety report to make the report appear that drilling experts and scientists supported the idea of issuing a ban on new drilling. Thus when the White House banned drilling they could claim that the "experts and scientists" recommended the action. And when a judge overruled the ban, Obama found another slimy way to issue a second ban and trounced all over the judge's ruling.

But the truth is that the "experts and scientists" had not recommended a drilling ban and actually said a ban was NOT NECESSARY. This all came to light when one of the "experts" whose name was in the report as approving of the drilling ban complained that the White House rewrote the report. Basically the expert said, "I didn't say what the White House says I said." And other experts came forward with the same complaint.

Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) stated that this investigation proved "that the blanket drilling moratorium was driven by politics and not by science."

So what's new? Fraud, deceit, duplicity and distortion of facts to advance their political agenda is business as usual for this White House.

This deceitful action cost thousands of jobs and billions in economic activity exponentially contributing to the miserable economic conditions in this country. All because the White House and Obama are gung ho on global warming and destroying our oil industry. They will, gosh darn it, force us to use less energy and live in the dark ages whether we like it or not!

Not only has this White House failed miserably at creating jobs, they have an excellent understanding of how to kill them.

2012 is coming, don't forget about the crimes being committed in Washington. Fire the rest of them, including Obama and his Czars.

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