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Thursday, November 18, 2010


Obamacare haunted the 11-2-10 election, and it isn't going to go away gracefully by 2012, much as Obama wishes it would.

Fox News has found that buried deep in the HHS website is a report that Obama has granted 111 health care waivers to large companies and many unions that will exempt them from Obamacare. Unions such as SEIU, IBEW, IBUAP, teachers' union, over 350,000 union members exempt. Don't forget, the unions already got a big Cadillac care exemption when the bill was passed. AND IT'S PAYBACK TIME IN OBAMAVILLE AGAIN!

The criteria for a company to win a waiver? (a) whether their premiums would go up; (b) whether complying with the mandate would cut off their employees' access to health care.

Whoa, wait a minute. During the campaign Obama said he would not "coddle Wall Street at the expense of Main Street." But then he flips out and grants some of the largest companies in America health care reform waivers. That means these companies will not be subjected to his administrations biggest "accomplishment," Obamacare.

Sounds unfair? You decide. Small companies cannot afford to hire expensive lawyers and lobbyists to fight for their own waiver, so they will have to comply with the law. Americans who don't want to buy health care coverage? Too bad! The IRS punishes them with a big tax penalty if they don't comply with the law. How much has your premium gone up? 10%? 25%? 40%? Premiums up instead of down? Did Obama lie to us or did he just have no clue?

And here we go again, it's another huge job killer bill from Obama. These I'll-Give-You-A-Special-Deal-Waivers are indicative of how ill conceived this law was in the first place. Disastrous? You bet, but Pelosi claimed you had to pass it to see what was in it. Well, now we know. It's being written as we go. DISGRACEFUL? Yes, but very predictable.

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