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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Gee, Nancy, I know you are going to be very busy in the next two months, with all the fretting and stewing and crying, whining and finger pointing, and the stress of deciding whether to stay in your Foreclosed Pelosi House as a powerless squatter or to hide out in California with the other progressive loonies. But golly, Nancy, could you PLEASE RETURN THE AIR FORCE JET you've so arrogantly been flitting around on at our expense? Your Elitist days are over, Nancy, so bring it on home by midnight January 3, 2011. That's the end of your reign of terror. I trust the Air Force has something better to do with the plane than to haul you, your family and your imperial friends around the country. You are no longer entitled to this royal service, not that you ever were.

You can find some very good and cheap travel deals on the Internet, though. Of course, you'd have to cover the cost yourself. Is that a problem for you, Nancy? No longer flying on the public dime? Maybe you can audition for a part in the next Harry Potter movie or the next vampire flick. The directors might have a broom that will whisk you and your pals around, so you should feel real comfy. I wonder if they make brooms-for-two?

Personally? I hope whatever you flew into Washington on flies you right back out, and Good Riddance.

Nancy, now listen up. You and your messmates will go down in history as colossal failures who attempted to destroy our Constitution. Your tenure will line up right alongside Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter as a miserable flop. Your agenda was orchestrated to reward your generous "donors" who put you all in power, and the American public put a screaming halt to it. Did you really think we would "sit down," "shut up" and "sit in the back of the bus" like you and Barry demanded? I guess we're not very good at taking orders from the hierarchy, huh, Nancy?

This election is a vast repudiation of your progressive, Marxist, Socialist agenda, and we aren't done yet. Obama and the rest of your wanna-be-dictators who survived 2010 are next. Pay attention, Nancy. 2010 was a start, and 2012 is right around the corner

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