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Monday, November 29, 2010


Ever heard of Quantitative Easing? It's what Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve and Obama are doing right now to attempt to solve our economic blues. Obama and the Feds did it once already with the Stimulus Bill for around 2 trillion dollars. They are doing it again now for another $600 billion. This time with no vote from Congress.

They simply say "we are going to infuse $600 billion into the economy to try to create jobs." In other words, we are going to spend money we don't have. Then they decide, "But we are broke so we have to print money to make the purchase." This means they go into their little back room, rev up the printing presses, roll out the bills, grab a bunch of them in their fists, take them down the hall to the room next door and give them to the U.S. Treasury to purchase our Treasury Bonds, which is how we finance our debt. DO YOU GET THIS? We are printing our own money to buy our own Bonds. It's a Ponzie Scheme, a Bernie Madolff moment. But it's our government who's running the scam. This is lunacy! Why do Ben Bernanke and Tim Geitner, our Treasury Secretary, still have a job??

Beware, our biggest threat doesn't come from a foreign terrorist. Our biggest threat is the traitor and his czars sitting at the end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Watch this video for a concise explanation of Quantitative Easing 101. Watch it to the end. It explains it pretty well.

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