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Friday, September 10, 2010


Tomorrow marks nine years since over 3,000 Americans were "murdered" at Ground Zero. They were innocent people who were murdered in cold blood by lunatics hiding behind the label Islamic Jihadist and justifying their reprehensible actions because they believe anyone not of their "faith" is considered an infidel and should be destroyed. And their "faith," by the way, is Islam.

We all know and will never forget where we were nine years ago. We also remember the horror we felt as we saw the Twin Towers come down, people jumping from windows to their absolute death, the fire fighters, policemen, Americans helping Americans to safety, the gray clouds of toxic dust come rolling down the streets of New York engulfing everything and everyone in its path, the plane crash in the field, Todd Beamer's command to "Let's Roll. The images are seared forever into our minds.

Americans wept, Americans hurt, Americans were brought to their knees. And then Americans came together, got angry, picked themselves up, and went on the offensive. Americans named the enemy, and that enemy was and forever remains Islam, a religion that calls for the destruction of non-believers. Educate yourself on the Koran. It is eye-opening.

Today we are still fighting these murderers. It is ugly, it is hard, and it is taking a long time. We are winning this war, but war is not a board game with rules. It would enable our troops to end this war if the leftist apologists and Obama would allow our troops to do what they are trained to do so well and stop hampering their success with ridiculous rules of engagement that have prevented them from winning this war by any and all means possible.

We have allowed the political agenda of the liberals to circumvent the entire process of a military force, changing their mission from "defense" of our nation into "nation building" and painting targets on their collective backs by not allowing them to conduct the war to win it. Sacrificing American military lives for politics is reprehensible.

Today we are still under attack not only by unknown Jihadists, but also by powerful elected officials who say we have to accept Islam as a fact of life, and we should allow them to build their victory memorial on the ground where they murdered our neighbors. We are told that if we don't allow them to do this they will stay mad at us. We are told that there will be "grave" consequences if this isn't resolved satisfactorily, meaning if they can't build it, we are dead. Sure sounds like a peaceful religion, doesn't it?

Denying people an appropriate place to worship goes against the Constitution we all love, but somewhere between the law and lunacy comes common sense. And common sense dictates if you continue to allow people to threaten you, murder you, and then use your own laws to reach their ultimate goal of destroying you, your laws, your country, your future, and your beliefs, then it becomes a case of sheer stupidity.

When we go along to get along, and of course, be politically correct, and we back off because a "religion" says if we move their victory mosque one brick down the street from where they want it they will be "forced" to kill us, then we become complicit in the further destruction of America.

Remember, this victory mosque wants to be built by a religion that blows up women, children and innocents, flies planes into buildings, bombs train stations and night clubs, sets off car bombs, stones women who committed the act of wearing comfortable shoes, believes in female genital mutilation, beheads people of their own religion and others for whatever justification they can find, believes in "Honor Killings," the right to kill a wife/girlfriend/daughter if they don't do exactly as the man dictates.

This is a religion that burns Bibles and the American Flag with impunity but then kills innocent people because cartoons/pictures/articles about Islam that they don't like are printed in various publications. This is a religion that threatens us if even one American tries to burn the Koran or because 70% of Americans say "NO" to their victory mosque being built where they murdered us. Is this really "tolerance," "sanity" and "reason?"

Mr. Obama and others say they have an absolute Constitutional right to build the victory mosque anywhere they want, but the same Mr. Obama says it is wrong to burn the Koran. So which is it, Mr. Obama? If you believe the Constitution gives them the right to build it at Ground Zero, then the same Constitution gives someone the right to burn the Koran. I believe it's called the First Amendment. I personally think that neither should happen, but if one is Constitutionally protected, then so is the other.

The only thing that can stop the certain progression of an Islamic takeover of America (look at what is happening in Europe right now) is We The People standing up, standing tall, standing united and saying as loud as we can, "No, We will never surrender to tyranny or to terror, and will will not let you have our country."

To save America each and every one of us who cares about our safety, our freedom and our security has to speak out loudly, clearly and consistently. We have to de-elect anyone who does not take seriously this fight for our Constitutional rights of liberty, security and the future of this Great Nation.

Another 9-11 is simply not acceptable.

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  1. Amen and well said!! God bless this country we live in and all the men and women who have fought to keep us free. May we return to the country in which our founding fathers had in mind when they created the constitution that has survived for over 200 years.

    9/11/01 - May We Never Forget