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Thursday, September 16, 2010


You've all heard about The Dream Act and Harry Reid's mission to get it passed before the November elections. The bill has been introduced for quit awhile now, and the Dems can't get the support to pass it.

But Good Old Harry has a plan. He intends to slip it past us by attaching it to a defense bill. That's what he said he's going to do. Oh, Harry, you just haven't changed your stripes at all - still scamming and scheming and screwing the public. You know you are in deep trouble in Nevada so you and the Dems will do anything to buy the Hispanic vote. And that's what you are doing with The Dream Act.

So here's the skinny on The Dream Act. These are the facts from a Dream Act web site.

PURPOSE: Designed to give citizenship to undocumented children of illegals.


1. Must have entered the US before the age of 16 (15 & younger)
2. Must have been present in the US for 5 consecutive years prior to enactment of the bill
3. Must have graduated from a US high school or obtained a GED or have been accepted into an institution of higher education
4. Must be between the age of 12 and 35 at the time of application
5. Must have good moral character


1. Once the Dream Act passes (by hook or by crook if Reid and the Dems have their way), undocumented children just need to apply. Guidelines will be established later. (Where have we heard that before?)
2. Once approved and granted a Conditional Permanent Residency, the individual would have to do one of the following:
a. enroll in an institution of higher learning (or)
b. enlist in the US Military
3. Once 5 1/2 years have passed the individual will then be able to apply for Legal Permanent Residency (dropping the "conditional" part) and consequently be able to apply for full US citizenship.

So there you have it. You can decide how you feel about it, but I will share my thoughts.

The Dream Act says kids must have been here for 5 years before enactment, but I don't trust anyone in Washington. They will stuff some nonsense in the bill to make sure it DOES apply to new border crossers. Thus we could end up with a whole new influx of parents trying to get their kids in so they qualify for citizenship, similar to "birthing" their children here for instant citizenship.

The Act says applicants must be between the ages of 12 and 35 at the time of application. DOESN'T SOUND LIKE "CHILDREN" TO ME!

And who is going to be the judge of "good moral character?" Washington? Well, that's a big fat joke. Too many people in Washington don't know what "good moral character" is. (i.e., viewing porn at work, tax dodgers, liars, thieves, cheats, lack of ethics, etc., etc.) Lord help us if Washington defines "good moral character."

The Act assumes that qualifying kids are "patriotic" and will be glad to go to college (at our expense) or join the Military. But what makes Reid think these kids are patriotic? I seem to remember teens at various schools around the country flying Ole' Glory upside down and under the Mexican flag. And which high school was it again where Hispanic students complained about their peers wearing the US Flag on their T-shirts on Cinco De Mayo? Oh, that's a no-no. Can't wear a US flag in the US for fear of offending someone who doesn't even belong here. And do you remember the assortment of pictures of teens at various marches protesting and waving signs and flags of Mexico? Must be the NEW patriotism.

The Act would provide a college education for these kids, and we would pay the bill, while all along we have been improperly contributing to the education of these kids already, and in the process, bankrupting many of our school districts. But they are still Mexican citizens. Why would we provide a college education to a Mexican citizen when we have Americans who would love to attend college for free?

I see this as yet another "reward" to their parents for doing something illegal. Does it ever stop?
Tying legislation that rewards criminals (or their children) to a defense appropriations bill is the ultimate in Democrat dirty tricks, and it is an insult to every fighting man and women in the US Armed Forces. All the more reason why we need a bill passed stating that legislation brought before either legislative body shall stand alone or not be considered at all. Period!

And they are doing it this under-handed, back door, dirty trick way because the American people have said loud and clear, NO AMNESTY AND CLOSE THE BORDER.

I believe we are not talking "Dreams", rather we are talking "Nightmares, which is being forced on us by two-faced, hypocritical, weak-kneed, spineless, gutless, vote buying Washington elites who support the traitorous subversion of our Constitution and Laws and jeopardize our national security every day they fail to close our borders and enforce our immigration laws.


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