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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Ye gads, I just saw Karl Rove bashing and trashing the GOP Senate primary winner from Delaware, Christine O'Donnell. Rove was absolutely apoplectic in his denouncement of her. He couldn't explain how a non-politician, who got into the primary race late, had a very small amount of money, could beat the great Mike Castle, who has been a RINO in Washington for 40 some years.

Well, golly gee, Karl, do you finally get it? This is a REVOLUTION. We are going to oust the political machine in Washington, Dems and Reps, who have been complicit in expanding government, growing our national debt pushing us towards bankruptcy, destroying our economy, but especially those who voted for the $787 billion stimulus bill that has failed to create any jobs.

So Karl, listen up! This isn't about a Republican majority in the House or Senate. A Republican majority won't do us any good if those Republicans continually vote with the Liberal Democrats. And that is exactly what Castle has done for decades.

Understand it, Karl. We Are Fed Up! And to the Republican Party, don't be such a sore loser. The people in Delaware have spoken loud and clear, as they have in many, many other states. It would be very wise for the "Party" to get behind her because she is going to be the next Senator from the Great State of Delaware.

And all of America is going to cheer her on to victory along with all of the other true Conservatives who will be joining her.

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