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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Russ Feingold Is History

Conservative Americans are moving forward. We've been on a win streak in 2010 with election victories for Sharron Angle for US Senate in Nevada, Rand Paul for US Senate in Kentucky, Marco Rubio for US Senate in Florida, Mike Lee for US Senate in Utah, Scott Brown for US Senate in Massachusetts, and many others. We have also forced our liberal big spenders like Congressman Bart Stupak, Senator Arlen Specter, Congressman Alan Mollohan, Congressman David Obey, just to name a few. They saw the future flash before them and decided they didn't want a "defeat," better to "quit."

Another one soon to be gone is Senator Russ Feingold D-WI and Congressman Ron Kind D-WI. There are great conservative candidates running against them and in November they will both be gone. Take a look at Dan Kapanke at Take a look at Dave Westlake,, and Shawn Duffy, All conservatives running for office in WI, all would make outstanding representatives.

These conservative candidates will face plenty of "smears" until November, but don't fall for it. Keep your eye on the issues, not on the political propoganda that will be forthcoming.

The complexion of Washington is going to change dramatically in November. Is the left liberal establishment really so ignorant that they thought freedom loving Americans would make it easy for them to destroy the greatest country on earth? They Were Wrong!
Bring On November and Vote, Vote, Vote!

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