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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today Sen. Tom Coburn released a report he compiled called "School House Pork." In the report he stated that lawmakers have secured 5,563 earmarks worth $2.3 billion over the past decade for "education projects." The report states that the federal education programs have been compromised by political interests and are overrun with "education pork."

Allocated money often went to school districts with the best lobbyists. The BEST LOBBYISTS? Good Grief, has everyone in government, including education, completely lost their minds? How absurd for school districts to be using our tax dollars to lobby our government to receive more of our tax dollars.

WELL, I THINK THEY ARE ALL NUTS! Here are some examples of where the Education Slush Fund has spent money. Hang on to your seats, Folks, because this is just a drop in the Great Government Oinker Bucket.

Las Vegas - a school district received a $25,000 earmark for a mariachi music program. HUH?

Jackson State University - a $478,941 earmark to study the creation of a school of osteopathic medicine. But here's the fact. A local newspaper reported that the commissioner of higher education in Mississippi had "no intention" of opening an osteopathic school. REAL SMART

Central Washington University - a $191,593 earmark for "curriculum development" to develop a curriculum based on local wines. LEARN HOW TO DRINK IN COLLEGE!

More than $181 million in earmarks for programs and projects that would bear the name of the lawmaker who introduced the earmark.

This included $1.9 million for the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service. (He's the congressman who's been accused of multiple ethics violations and is currently under investigation).

Two earmarks worth more than $19 million for the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the Senate. (He's the senator who murdered Mary Jo Kopechne by allowing her to drown in his car when they went off a bridge on Martha's Vineyard after a night of drinking. So his wife wouldn't find out about his unfaithfulness and his political career wouldn't be destroyed, he left the scene of the accident instead of getting help and saving her life. And he didn't even report the accident until the next morning. Oh, yes, it was all covered up. And he remained in the Senate for his entire life.)

$2.4 million for the Lott Leadership Institute named after former Sen. Trent Lott.

$10 million for the Strom Thurmond Fitness and Wellness Center named after Sen. Strom Thurmond. (Strom Thurmond was a staunch racist and made a lifetime career out of the Senate. His "political career" is great testimony to the need for term limits.)

$2.7 million for 15 earmarks that went to zoos, including a total of $1 million for the Philadelphia Zoo. Hey, go to Philly to visit YOUR zoo. You own part of it!

National Baseball Hall of Fame got $450,000, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame got $200,000, the National Aviation Hall of Fame got $600,000. (All private enterprises.)

$273,000 for a program in Blue Springs, MO aimed at fighting Goth culture.

Over $5 million went to the Andre Agassi College Prep Academy.

Abuse of the Education Slush Fund ensnares and encompasses lawmakers from both parties. All the more reason to throw out the long term incumbents who've been part of this ongoing scam.

But in Washington the Dems want to raise taxes to support their spending.
I say the first thing they need to do is STOP the WASTE and QUIT SPENDING.

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