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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kicked Out of Business By Obama & His Car Czar

Did you hear Rush today? A woman from Detroit, MI called in and this is what she told Rush.

She owned a Chrysler -Jeep dealership in Detroit during the Obama bail out of Chrysler. It was the ONLY Chrysler dealership in Detroit, and was one of the largest dealership in the country.

When Obama took over Chrysler she never expected her dealership to be affected because it was doing a great business, was profitable, and had been in business for years.

Guess what happened to her? One day she got a letter from the Federal Government telling her that she had 28 days to liquidate her inventory and close her dealership. Her contract with Chrysler was not being renewed. She had no choice. She sold everything at a huge loss, lost her livelihood, layed off all her employees, and lost everything she had in the dealership.

Rush asked her if she is a Republican. She said yes, she was. She then stated that as of today someone else was given the Detroit contract with Chrysler and that party now has a dealership, the only dealership in Detroit.

What do you want to bet that the new owner is a Democrat? When Obama took over Chrysler and GM I read some articles about them closing dealerships owned by Republicans, even profitable, viable dealerships, and not closing any dealerships owned by Democrats, even if not profitable and viable.

Google this and check it out. Probably lots of articles on the subject. And don't even think this couldn't happen. With Obama and his hoods anything can happen. They are underhanded crooks and will stop at nothing to enact their own agenda, no matter how illegal and unethical it is.

November here we come, and then two more years and they will all be history. Hopefully it won't take us more than one term to undo the damage they done to our country.

Too bad there is no hope for the woman from Detroit. She has lost everything and will never get it back.

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