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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Did you watch Glenn Beck last night? He had some incredible information. Here are the highlights.

In California and 8 other western states the government can now place GPS units on your vehicles to track your moves. A court has ruled that the public has "no reasonable expectation of privacy" even in your own driveway. NO SEARCH WARRANT IS REQUIRED.

Locations of cell phones can now be tracked WITHOUT SEARCH WARRANTS by the FBI, Police, Homeland Security, and just about any government agency. No one has to ask or tell you this is happening. A judge in Philadelphia has agreed with the Obama Department of Justice. The Obama DOJ argued that Americans have "no reasonable expectation of privacy" when it comes to where people place and receive cell phone calls.

An article in the NY Times explains that the government is now seeking a new federal law that would force Internet, email, instant messaging and other communications providers to embed encryption codes into their systems for the purpose of law enforcement surveillance. NO SEARCH WARRANT is necessary. This is especially ironic because the Left bitched royally about Warrantless Wiretaps that Bush wanted to use in the war on terrorism. Guess it's okay to Big Brother Americans but not terrorists.

And the Best One Yet? An "X-ray Van" has been built for use in defense of our country and until now has only been used in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now it would make sense to use these high tech vans at shipyards x-raying containers, at borders looking for drugs and firearms, and in the war on terrorism. But now Obama's government has purchased 500 of these vans to be used "domestically," possibly in your neighborhood. Forbes Magazine asked the White House about this. Congress has also asked the White House for an explanation. But there has been no answer or explanation forthcoming about which department is purchasing them and what they will be used for. Congress is being stonewalled by an arrogant White House and president who thinks they don't have to answer to anyone.

And yeah, by now you've figured it out. X-ray vans can see through walls, clothing, vehicles, metals, anything and everything. I can just see it now. Government vans crawling up and down our streets checking to make sure we are all good little Americans. Remember, NO WARRANT REQUIRED again.

So we now have warrantless Internet tapping, warrantless cell phone tapping, warrantless car tapping, and warrantless x-raying of our homes and vehicles. And there is absolute silence from the Media. Only proves they are Obama's lap dogs and are devoid of all journalistic integrity.

Pardon me if I'm ticked off about all this warrantless surveillance. I happen to believe that our Constitution prohibits Big Brother Government from spying on us. But again, the Obama administration is thumbing their nose at us and our Constitution.

Enough said, Folks. November can't get here soon enough for me.

And Watch Glenn Beck daily, Fox News, 5 p.m. EST. Guaranteed to make you THINK!

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