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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Agenda, we all know what that means. And that is exactly what Obama and the liberal progressives in Washington/Congress had when they took control of our government. And here we are, two years into their "agenda," and they have pushed through the most damaging package of legislation in American history.

There's Obamacare which puts the feds in charge of 1/6 of our economy, driving prices up, driving competition out, and driving quality down. A bill that Nancy Pelosi said we'd have to read to know what was in it. A bill that adds 17,000 new IRS agents to administer the monstrosity. A bill that most in Washington didn't read before voting to pass it.

There's the one trillion dollar "stimulus" bill that miserably failed to reduce unemployment, but instead increased it. A bill that contained billions of dollars in wasteful spending and thousands of pork projects. A bill that almost everyone in Washington didn't read before voting for it.

There's the supposed financial "reform" bill regulating every aspect of our financial life and imposing massive fees (can you say "taxes") on everything we do financially. A bill that its sponsor, Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT), admits are "unknown" and stated that he didn't read it before voting for it. For Crying Out Loud, he sponsored it and he doesn't know what's in it?

And then there's creation of DEBT on a scale unknown in the history of the entire world.
No one can comprehend what the consequence of this massive debt will be on Americans and future generations. They have put us on a mad dash to economic ruin.


They know how angry Americans are, and they realize their power will be gone in January when a new Congress will be seated.

But the Obama Fantasy Cruise has other things they'd like to bring on board before the ship sinks.

Cap and Trade, which is nothing more than a license to cheat and steal. This will include additional bans on any and all oil drilling in the U.S. It will cost families thousands of dollars a year in taxes and cost more than a million jobs.

Amnesty for illegal aliens disguised as "comprehensive immigration reform." This will keep taxpayers shelling out billions in social services costs, create millions of new "liberal" voters, and encourage millions more illegals to stream across our borders and wait for the next "amnesty."

Value Added Tax (VAT). This is a tax added to everything produced in this country at every stage of production. It is a huge tax for all Americans. It's another convoluted tax added to the already convoluted confiscatory tax system we currently have.

Card Check. Obama and the Liberals want this badly. It's a plan to take away secret ballots in elections where workers decide whether to unionize. Non-secret ballots create a climate of intimidation and coercion, forcing non-union workers to vote for unionization to avoid harassment.

And Obama and the Liberals know It's Now Or Never. They know they will lose their majorities with the November elections. But the newly elected representatives won't be seated until January.

BEWARE, November to January is considered the "Lame Duck Session." These sessions are typically for minor legislation that didn't get done in the regular session or for big legislation that has wide support from both parties and Americans.

But in this case it's a time for Obama and the Liberals to bring on board everything on their wish list because they know It's Now Or Never.

And there is nothing Americans can do to stop it except put pressure on current elected officials not to further destroy this country by pushing through a raft of far-reaching laws that will increase our debt, regulate, tax and more deeply annihilate our economy.

I ask you to contact your current representatives, both Senate and House, and tell them you want NO LARGE LEGISLATION SHOVED THROUGH IN THE LAME DUCK SESSION. My web site has links to the Senate and the House.

It's imperative that we stay involved and vocal leading up to November, and then January, and thereafter for eternity. Americans will never go to sleep again.

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