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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


All day today the radio/TV has had pundits proclaiming the demise of the Republican party. Even the Ever Present Gibbs (Obama press secretary) proclaims that the Republicans are destroying themselves with a big split within the party.

Well, I disagree. It's time the Republican party got a good scolding. They have been too non-conservative for too long, many of the Bush years included, and now "the chickens have come home to roost."

So let the mud begin. I mean the mud slinging that O'Donnell is going to have to endure for the next couple of months. You know that the Dems will try to destroy her, but now the Reps too? My, how far we have fallen.

Anything in her past will now become fair game. But at least her past is public, any failures, conflicts, college records, financial records, everything, all out there for public scrutiny.

Unlike Obama's records, ALL OF THEM, which are hermetically sealed in a fruit jar in a secret safe room somewhere, never again to be open to the public. It's a secret, don't you know? After all, he's only the president, the most powerful man in the world. But golly gee, he shouldn't be required to release anything about his past for us, his subjects, to peruse.

So let me give you my position on O'Donnell. Even if she "kicked the husband and the kids and the dog on the way out the door," she'd STILL be less evil than the old RINO's in Washington.

Even if she used campaign funds for something personal, which is just an accusation, it's still far better than the permanently-in-place politicians who continue to pass bogus stimulus (can you say spending) bills by the hundreds, along with health care packages, and union bail outs, just so they can funnel OUR TAX DOLLARS to their equally bogus special interests.

Talk about ethics and the use of money? No one defies ethics better than the RINOs and DEMS in Washington.

RINOS, welcome to the NEW face of the Republican Party. The old men are being replaced with young men and women who are fighting to bring some fiscal responsibility and the Constitution back to Washington.

The old men don't know how to combat this revival of the party and they are running scared.
I say keep running and Good Riddance.

1 comment:

  1. Right on Sandy! It's time for the RINOs to be eliminated as an extinct specis and bring the party back to the "center" of our beliefs.