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Thursday, September 9, 2010


So the news today is that health care costs will RISE under Obamacare, not go down as Obama continually told us. This information comes from our own GOVERNMENT, who has been studying Obamacare since its passage. This information shows that Obamacare didn't solve the cost problem in spite of Obama's promises.

The analysis found that health care spending will grow to nearly 20% of our economy. That is a HUGE amount of money and will surely affect the country's ability to spend money on other things, like education, research, transportation, or other programs.

Medical spending now accounts for about 17% of the economy, and most experts will tell that that even at 17%, it's too high. After all, wasn't that the purpose of Obamacare? To bring down the percent of money spent on health care?

But here is more sobering news.

By 2014 Medicaid will be opened up to millions more low-income people. Many doctors/clinics are already not accepting Medicaid patients because they lose money on every patient (due to federal mandated limits on coverage), and they can't afford to treat them, so that's one problem. The other is that for those who do get coverage, up goes our debt.

That same year insurers will have to accept all applicants, regardless of health problems. Who does Obama think is going to pay for that? Oh, the health coverage companies you say? The increased cost will just be passed on to the consumer, so up go our premiums.

Most Americans will be required to carry coverage or face a fine from the IRS. Yes, that's right, the Boogie Man IRS with their heavy handed tactics will be in control of assessing and collecting these fines. 17,000 more IRS agents are being hired. How much do you think 17,000 new federal employees will cost us? These costs were NOT included in the final cost estimates for Obamacare. Another scam on the American public. And up goes our debt again.

The report also shows that government is already becoming the dominant player in health care without fully enacting Obamacare. The biggest growth will come in Medicare and Medicaid (up 34% by 2014). Who is going to pay for this increase? Guess what, we are, and up goes our debt.

Do Obama backers get it yet? He lied again and again just to shove through his idea of what our health care should look like.

It's no wonder Obama wants to raise all taxes through not extending the Bush tax cuts. He has to pay for this travesty some way.

In the meantime, do you understand what Bankruptcy looks like? Get ready. We are already there.

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