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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Obama's Summer of Recovery is turning into the Fall of Revolt and primary voters continue to point to the nation's distressed economic health as their top concern. Year-to-year economic growth is declining and unemployment is rising, not a good situation when you are trying to con the public into thinking this is what a "Recovery" looks like.

Not smart enough to see that his spending-taxing-regulation policies are hugely responsible for the economic mess we are in, what does the Beginner In The Oval Office do? He announces yet another 50 billion dollar stimulus package allegedly for "small businesses." It remains to be seen which "small businesses" will be the recipients of the latest money-give-away. Wanna bet it will be union companies that get the biggest breaks? He surely wouldn't want to break his streak of giveaways to the unions.

And of course, the Buck-Passer-In-Chief blames Republicans for holding up this spending bill that he believes will suddenly create jobs. Can the Chief Economic Destroyer in the White House be as stupid as he appears to be? I bet yes. November is just around the corner, thank goodness.

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