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Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Unpaid Pay Czar" oops, Wrong!

So the news came out today. President Obama's pay czar, Kenneth Feinberg, received an annual salary of $120,830. Feinberg served as "special master for TARP executive compensation" to establish executive comp levels at companies bailed out or bought up by the government.

When Feinberg was appointed by Obama in August 2009 the big hoopla was that this Washington lawyer would "perform his duties pro bono," or without pay, so said the White House and Reuters.

But Judicial Watch in a Freedom of Information Act request has obtained the "welcome letter" to Feinberg congratulating him for being selected and listing his annual salary at $120,830. His salary was also confirmed by the US Office of Personnel Management. Feinberg is a big-time Washington lawyer.

So who was lying? Or was it just an "over site?" Or was it an intentional distortion of the fact? With this administration it's any body's guess.

This sure proves the point the the Obama Czars should have gone through the usual Senate confirmation process rather than just being installed into power by King Obama. But then, Congress has very little power in the Kingdom.

So much for Obama's famous "transparency in government" policy.

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