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Friday, September 3, 2010

Health Care Spending Fraud by CBO

Saw this information on a Spending Revolt website and thought I'd share it.

"CBO reveals health care spending increase…five months late.
September 3, 2010 by Spending Revolt

During the recent federal health care debate, one of the biggest disagreements was over whether the legislation would reduce the deficit. Democrats argued, using analysis from the Congressional Budget Office, that it would. Republicans argued that those “scores” had been gamed with unrealistic provisions that would not be implemented. This focus on the deficit missed an important question: how would the bill affect spending and taxes, rather than just the net effect?

Recently, CBO revealed that the health care legislation, as written, will increase entitlement spending by $401 billion and increase taxes by $525 billion over the next 10 years. i.e. it significantly expands the size of government. During the debate (when it really mattered), CBO only reported that the net effect would be a reduction in the deficit.

As Keith Hennessey points out, this new report “gives us the complete picture five months late.” For some reason, in CBO’s initial analysis, they combined spending and taxes into a single number and reported the net effect. Because of the way they presented information, it was impossible to pull out their estimates of increased spending.

Hennessey speculates that someone leaned on CBO. They “had this information last March but they buried it…I would bet heavily that CBO was pressured.” CBO analysts have a tough job and we may never know why they did or did not include certain information. One thing is certain: it would have added to the debate if CBO had revealed five months ago that the “Affordable Care Act” will increase spending by almost half a trillion dollars."

That's the article. Do any of you remember when the head of the CBO was called into Obama's White House office for a pow wow? And right after that the CBO revised their cost figures downward? And that helped Obamacare get shoved through Congress?

It was a lie and fraud then, and it remains a lie and fraud now. Wonder what Obama had to give the head of the CBO to "buy" his cooperation?

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