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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Candidate Take Note!

Found some interesting information at GOPUSA. ( Seems like they surveyed just over 7,000 readers. Those people were asked what they wanted to see from the next officials they place in office. The response rate was well over 10%, when statisticians declare that anything over 3% is considered good. Guess people really are concerned.

Anyway, I thought you'd like to see their responses. Here they are in order of their importance.

Term Limits
Balanced Budget
Reduced Spending
Secured Borders
Repeal of Mandated Healthcare
End Earmarks
Congress Must Live By All Laws Passed
Reduce The Size Of Government
All Laws Must Have Constitutional Applicability
Reaffirm States' Rights
Develop A Strong Energy Bill Using All National Resources
Stop Lying To Citizens and Keep Your Promises

I think all candidates for the upcoming elections should Take Note of Number One. I wonder if any candidates will pledge to introduce a Term Limit Bill immediately upon taking office?

Contact the campaigns of the candidates, and let's hold their feet to the fire on this one and get them to take The Pledge.

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