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Friday, August 27, 2010

Back Door Amnesty - Exactly What Obama Wants

So the amnesty secret is out, laid bare for all to see. There was a memo circulated a few months back by Obama regarding how to give illegals amnesty without having to go through Congress. At that time 11 Senators/Congressmen wrote to Obama asking for an explanation. Of course, Obama and his henchmen denied it.

But here we are a few months later and guess what? Obama figured out how to do it. It started in Houston, TX but will soon be happening all over the country. The Department of Homeland Security is systematically reviewing thousands of pending immigration cases and is dismissing most of them. If the illegals don't have a criminal record they are RELEASED!

This was discovered when immigration attorneys representing the already captured illegals went to court for the hearings and the judge dismissed one case after another. The attorneys were surprised and elated that their clients would walk out the door with no ramifications for being here illegally. The attorneys were told it is a policy and it will increase around the country.

Many of the released illegals can now apply for a visa and become eligible to obtain permanent residency due to their situation. Many are also left in limbo and are not granted any form of legal status. Instead of being deported they get to stay free and clear and continue on with their illegal status and their illegal lives.

This is being done on the instructions of John Morton, Obama appointee. ICE won't deny it's happening. Felipe Calderon (Pres Mexico) decides who comes here and Morton decides who stays?

The immigration laws do not say that only criminals, rapists and murders will be prosecuted and deported, but that's what ICE is doing. Obama is flouting our current immigration law that was established by the US Congress and is making up his own rules.

It is an all out effort to circumvent the law and create a de facto back-door amnesty program. Can you imagine being an ICE agent, working hard to locate and arrest illegals, turning them over to the court system and having ICE set them free? Demoralizing and inexcusable. No wonder the unionized ICE agents issued a "no confidence vote" against Morton. They don't trust him and this is why.

Obama is a tyrant who is stomping all over our laws and our country to get what he and his cronies want. He is surrendering our NATIONAL SECURITY!

Go to for the full story (The Houston Chronicle.)

You must vote in November and thereafter!
It's a privilege, it's your right, and it's your duty!

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