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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stimulus Slush Fund

The Stimulus Bill was $862 billion. It was guaranteed to "create or save" a million jobs and keep unemployment below 8%. Those were Obama's "selling points." Actually, I consider his words political propaganda, Obama spin, falsehoods, misleading, and outright lies. Even top economists have said "create or save" means nothing because it is virtually impossible to measure how many jobs are "saved." It's all smoke and mirrors from Obama and crew.

Unemployment is at 9.7% and the economy continues to shed jobs rapidly. And where is all of the Stimulus money being spent to "create or save" jobs? Let me give you just a few examples of the hundreds of egregious examples of horrific government waste of OUR MONEY:

$90,000 to build a sidewalk leading to a ditch that leads to nowhere

$5,000 per person subsidy to purchase electric golf carts

$150,000 for a water park

$200,00 to help Siberian communities lobby Russia

$5 million to create a geothermal energy system at a shopping mall in Tennessee that "has been losing tenants for years and is mostly empty"

$500,000 to Arizona State University to study the genetic makeup of ants

$145,000 to Wake Forest University for a project to see how monkeys react under the influence of cocaine

$1.2 million to convert an abandoned train station in New Jersey into a museum

$233,000 to the University of California at San Diego to study why Africans don't vote. This created 12 jobs, and 7 of them are Africans in Africa

$762,372 for a Georgia Tech assistant professor to "study improvised music" and "hopefully also create satisfying works of art"

$390,000 to the State University of New York at Buffalo to study young adults who drink malt liquor and smoke marijuana

$554,76 to replace windows at a visitor center at Mt. St. Helen in Washington State that has been closed since 2007. The US Forest Service has no plans to reopen it

$210,000 to the University of Hawaii to study the learning patterns of honey bees

Several million dollars to create and install thousands of signs nationwide touting the stimulus project

and the most appropriate one?

$700,000 to develop a joke machine


These are just some of the 100 most wasteful, reckless stimulus spending "projects" as reported by Senator Coburn and Senator McCain. (Google this and check it out)

So VP Biden hits the road and is currently travelling between states trying to convince us that this is the "Recovery Summer."

Washington thinks we are so stupid we will accept everything they do, like sheep to the slaughter.

Let's show 'em in November. VOTE THESE PEOPLE OUT! Democrat, Republican, Independent, I don't care who it is. If their voting record shows they have supported the Obama/Pelosi/Reid big-spending agenda, then they have to go. And if the new crew that gets voted in doesn't do what we want, let's Vote Them Out also. Short of an all out revolution it's the only power we have, the ballot box. Voting is a privilege, it's a right, and it's our duty. SO LET'S DO IT.

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