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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Refinance Train Wreck

Just in time for the November elections, Obama has proposed to "refinance" 15 million mortgages that are currently under water. Cost? 800 billion dollars. Also contained within the proposal is a plan to relax qualifying standards for home loans so people who don't qualify suddenly qualify. Isn't that what got us into the current housing mess?

I believe the American public is too smart to fall for this. Nothing is "free." The fun and games must end. Someone has to pay for this, and it won't be the "rich," it will be our kids and grandkids. This is a carrot being dangled in front of you, but it will enslave future generations to outrageous taxes. It's a slow motion train wreck waiting for the crash, and the crash is guaranteed to happen. Don't Fall For This At Election Time! Please!!

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