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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Will Work For Food - A Job Please?

This morning the jobless report came out - another 500,000 first time claims were filed last week. I thought the Stimulus Bill was supposed to solve the jobless issue? But let's look at the stats. 18 months ago the Stimulus Bill passed at a cool $787 billion, but including interest on that debt the total comes to over one trillion dollars. 18 months later this is what we have: Unemployment hovering at 9.6%; around 7 million unemployed for 6 months of longer; 17 states have unemployment over 10%; around 4 million jobs lost since the Stimulus Bill was signed; 21% of homes in America are underwater with more owed than they are worth; 27 million are underemployed; home prices are down anywhere from 30-50% depending on where they are located; and Obama has spent even more - 34 billion on extending unemployment; 26 billion bailing out teachers and unions; 3 billion for home mortgage help and a myriad of other spending bills that have driven our debt over 10 trillion. And unemployment is still at 9.6%.

I would like to tell Obama and crew, IT'S NOT WORKING! STOP SPENDING!!

But then, I'm just an American citizen. Why would they listen to anything I have to say?

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