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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stop The Obama Pelosi Train

November is crucial to our survival! The stakes are higher this year than ever before. We have the opportunity to stop the Obama/Pelosi train by electing conservative candidates to Congress.

And make no mistake, Obama just wrapped up a three-day fundraising swing raising millions of dollars to directly elect new Democrats or re-elect incumbents who will rubber stamp his disastrous agenda. You know the smears against conservatives will increase as November approaches. Any lie or half truth the Obama/Dems can come up with will be used to undermine opposition candidates.

Don't fall for the political lies, fabrications and exaggerations they will be trying to sell you. Don't lose sight of what the election is really about -- ever enlarging government, out of control spending that will bankrupt us, sleazy back door politics, buy outs, bail outs, vote buying, fraud, deceit, sky-high unemployment, a health care bill that few Americans wanted, stagnant economy, tax hikes, potential Cap and Tax, Card Check, the Apology Foreign Policy, you name it, we've got it or we're going to get it shoved down our collective throats. And America is on a course for disaster.

With Obama's failed leadership the next generation will inherit a very weakened country, drug cartels in Mexico murdering Americans in our border states, Tax cartels in Washington taking ever more of your hard earned dollars, and weak foreign policy that invites another 9-11.

Don't Let This Happen. Vote in November.
It's your right, It's your Duty.

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