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Monday, August 30, 2010


Barack Obama is by far the worst president in American History, and he is the worst threat to this country that we have ever had - from within.

He doesn't care about you, me, or this country. He doesn't care about the horrific crimes perpetrated by illegals, including drunk driving, murders, crimes, robberies, kidnappings, shootings, drugs, stolen cars and car jackings, over-crowded schools, over-crowded hospitals, or the 60,000 anchor babies born each year to illegals, who automatically get to suck from our system just because their parents sneak in here to give birth.

He doesn't give a hoot about any of this, and for all of you who put this horror show in the White House, I hope you are finally "seeing the light" and regret not doing your homework before voting in 2008. Don't know how you missed it when it was so clear to millions of us.

He governs like a third world dictatorship, not America, and I am embarrassed to have him representing us as he travels around the world on his "Apology Tour."

We should be ashamed that we allowed this to happen. While they steal our dignity, our freedoms and our country, we sit idly by and let these clowns overrun everything.

At some point we have to say enough - we have to fight back. That means getting involved in the upcoming elections and voting. We must vote them out before it is too late.

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