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Monday, August 23, 2010

Obama and Immigration Enforcement - HA!

There is an immigration policy regarding raids at companies who are suspected of hiring illegals. It is called the Work Place Enforcement practice. It involves federal officials going to companies unannounced to find out if employers are complying with immigration laws regarding hiring of illegals. Just heard on TV that Obama's 2009 raids under the Work Place Enforcement laws have declined 90% from what Bush did in 2008. In 2008 Bush deported over 5000 illegals under this practice. In 2009 Obama deported around 600. What does this tell you about Obama's intention to enforce immigration laws and send them all home?


  1. I realize the post is about immigration but I have to ask - if there is such a decline in deportations, does that mean there's a decline in investigations and if so, what are the federal officials doing instead? Are they part of the unemployed in this country? I doubt the federal officials who are supposed to be checking up on these companies have lost their jobs. So what are those federal employees doing then? Hmmmmm . . . . makes one wonder, doesn't it?

  2. They are probably sitting at their office computers, watching porn.