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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mayberry, RFD

Did you see the Andy Griffith commercial on TV last night? It's a return to Mayberry, I think, except he's much older. The ad is designed to convince "older" people that the health care bill is good for us. The ad says things like did you get your free blah blah, and just wait, there's more free stuff coming, like free check ups, decreased prescription drug prices, lots of good things coming in the future due to the health care bill. He's desperately trying to convince us that Obamacare is going to be good for us. What he doesn't tell us is that the ad cost $700,000 and was paid for by OUR TAX DOLLARS! Figure that one out, the government using our own money to convince us that we should love something we already don't want. Wonder how much Andy got for his endorsement? Maybe he did it for free, since his political position is well known - very liberal left.

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