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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pure Political Play

The USS Cole was one of the first terrorist attacks of this decade, taking place 10 years ago. The men who masterminded this atrocity have never been tried, convicted or punished for the 17 deaths of our service members. It was scheduled to be tried in military court.

The Bush administration failed to get this case to trial and there is no excuse for Bush not getting it done. When Obama took office he met with the families of the deceased and told them he would get it resolved and push the trial forward.

Now the Obama administration has announced that the prosecution of those responsible is being put off indefinitely, for sure until after the elections. Insiders have leaked that no trial will go forward in military court prior to the election because it would look bad for Obama because of his insistence on trying terrorists in the American civil court system rather than in military courts.

Well, isn't that just great! At least Bush just failed to get it done. Obama doesn't want to get it done because he doesn't want any heat for having a military trial when he is recommending civil trials for other terrorists.

Just proves you can't trust anything this government does. This is a pure political play. And Congress has no say in this. They are powerless.

But we can vote these people out of office. That is exactly what we need to do!

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