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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Legal vs. Illegals vs. Obama

Rush just received a call from an American citizen whose wife is from the Ukraine. She has been in the US with him for 10 years completing her PHd. She applied for US citizenship 10 years ago. She has now completed her PHd and wants to stay here while her citizenship process is completed (10 years and counting). There is some arcane rule about people like her having to return to their "home country" for "two years" before completion of US citizenship. You can apply for a waiver to this rule. Since they have made their home in the US, her husband is a citizen of the US, and her paperwork is in the process of being completed they applied for a waiver. They were denied based on the fact that they have too small of a debt load (she worked and paid for her education, didn't get student loans/grants, thus saving us taxpayers lots of bucks), neither of them is handicapped, and therefore, no waiver. She must leave the US for two years, and her husband will, of course, go with her. She must go to the "end of the line." So let me make sure I've got this right. A highly educated PHd with little or no debt has to leave the country but the uneducated illegals can come across our borders at will and we have to support them in every way? Thus says Obama and Congress and ICE. Bring on November, I am ready!

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