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Friday, August 27, 2010

US Human Rights slammed by Obama UN report

There is a UN Human Rights Council which Obama decided the US should join. The Bush administration had shunned this panel for years because of the panel's disproportionate criticism of Israel and because membership on the panel includes very repressive regimes. But Obama, with his world view, arranged for the US to gain a seat on this panel.

And now the US under Obama has submitted its first ever report to this UN Human Rights panel. And guess what it says? That the US discriminates against gays, lesbians, blacks, Latinos, Muslims, South Asians, Native Americans, the disabled, immigrants, to name a few. And due to US discrimination these groups suffer from high unemployment rates, hate crimes, poverty, poor housing, lack of health care, discriminatory hiring practices, racial profiling, inhumane prison conditions, racial disparities in death penalty cases, and abuses in the immigration detention system. Oh, and that "large segments of American society suffer from unfair policies and practices."

YES, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THIS IS ALL IN THE REPORT! Did you notice something about the list? White Americans are not mentioned anywhere, which must mean whites are the perpetrators of all this alleged discrimination.

This report to the UN Human Rights Council will now be studied by the other members of the panel and "recommendations" will be made to the US to help us clean up our act. This from a UN panel? The UN is one of the greatest abusers of human rights in the world.

I submit that we do not need the UN or any of its panels to tell us how to deal with human rights. The UN has absolutely no validity in the human rights arena.

But what else would we expect from a president who doesn't much like us? This is the Obama Apology Tour on steroids. And thank Hillary too. She's all chummy, chummy with the UN.

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